Adding backgrounds to your letters is quick and easy. Backgrounds can be uploaded from either the print preview page or from the backgrounds tab. All backgrounds that are uploaded to the system are then available for future use and can be manged from the backgrounds tab. 

Uploading backgrounds 

From the print preview page, click the upload button in the background section.  

Give your background a name and then either drag and drop your file, or browse your computer for the required file. 

When using “teams” you can also set which team should be able to see a particular background. This is very useful if you have multiple office locations for example and require letterheads with different addresses or logos. 

Setting backgrounds

Uploaded backgrounds will then be available in the “First page” and “Other Pages” dropdowns.  

This gives you the ability to have a certain background for the first page of each letter and a separate background for all other pages.  

Managing saved backgrounds

Backgrounds can be managed on the Backgrounds tab 

From here, you can view, rename, assign to teams and delete backgrounds. To delete a background, first hover over the ellipse (…) and click Delete