With Intelliprint it’s quick and easy to add additional pages to your letters. Any pages added here will be added to the end of your letter. If the document was previously split into multiple letters, then the additional pages will be added to the end of each letter. This is great for adding in things like promotional materials or other standard documents like terms and conditions.  

Step 1 – Click “Additional Pages” 

Step 2 – Upload your additional documents 

You can upload multiple documents at the same time by either dragging and dropping into the highlighted area or browsing your system for the desired files.  

Step 3 – Change the order, if required. 

The order shown on the “additional pages” popup is the order the documents will be added to each letter. To change the order, simply drag and drop them into the desired order. 

Step 4 – Decide if your additional pages should display a background 

This is a simple toggle that is either on or off. The background used will be the “other pages” background (See the “Setting backgrounds” section for more information) 

Step 5 – Save changes 

Looking in the document preview window will show the updated letter. If you’re not happy with the layout simply open the additional pages tab again to re-order or remove any of the additional documents.