Print Stamps Online: Understanding the UK Postal System and Intelliprint’s Role

In the digital age, the convenience of printing postage stamps at home is a topic of interest for many in the UK. However, it’s crucial to understand the legal and practical aspects of this process.

The Reality of Printing Postage Stamps at Home

The Royal Mail in the UK has developed an Online Postage system that allows users to buy postage from the comfort of their homes and print it using their home printers. However, it’s important to note that this system does not permit the printing of traditional postage stamps. As postage stamps bearing the monarch’s head are considered currency, they cannot be legally printed by individuals. The Online Postage system instead generates printable files that serve as a digital alternative to traditional stamps, mainly for sending letters within the UK and parcels internationally​​. (source: Printland Blog)

Intelliprint: A Seamless Alternative to Printing Stamps

While the option to print postage at home provides some level of convenience, it still involves a process that may not suit everyone’s needs, especially when handling bulk mailings or seeking more streamlined solutions. This is where Intelliprint steps in as an efficient alternative.

  • Simplicity: Intelliprint eliminates the need to manually handle postage. Users can upload their documents online, and Intelliprint takes care of the rest – printing, enveloping, and dispatching through Royal Mail.
  • Efficiency: Ideal for businesses and individuals alike, Intelliprint’s service is designed to save time and resources, especially when dealing with large volumes of mail.
  • Reliability: With its partnership with Royal Mail, Intelliprint ensures that your mail is delivered securely and promptly.


Printing postage stamps at home in the UK is a nuanced topic. While Royal Mail’s Online Postage system offers a digital solution, traditional stamp printing is not legally permissible. Intelliprint emerges as a hassle-free alternative, providing a seamless, modern mailing solution. Whether you’re sending a single letter or managing bulk mail, Intelliprint’s service streamlines the process, ensuring efficiency and reliability.