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Streamline Business Correspondence with Intelliprint’s Hybrid Mail Software

With Intelliprint’s hybrid mail platform, dispatching individual or bulk letters and postcards becomes effortless. Choose from a range of submission methods, including drag-and-drop, print driver, and our sync app. Integrate seamlessly with our robust API or Zapier for advanced automation, and harness the power of Mailroom Insights to elevate your mailing strategy.

Easy and Efficient Hybrid Mail Services

Using our hybrid mail system, sending large volumes of letters, postcards, and documents has never been easier. Our user-friendly platform allows you to seamlessly manage your letter or postcard sending process with just a few clicks.

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API and Zapier Integration for Seamless Workflow

Seamlessly integrate Intelliprint’s hybrid mail functionality into your existing workflow. Automating the entire process from document creation to mailing. This means less manual work, fewer errors, and a faster turnaround

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No Fixed Term Contract

With our services, you can send letters online without being tied into any long-term commitment. We believe in providing you with the flexibility to use our services as and when you need them. Whether you  send one letter a month or thousands per day, our services are available to you without any fixed term contract.

No Minimum Spend

We do not have any minimum spend requirements to send letters online, which means you can use our services regardless of how much or how little you need to send. Whether you need to send a single letter or a large mailing, we are here to help. You only pay for what you send, and there are no hidden fees or charges.

Simply pay for what you send

With our services, you only pay for what you send. We offer transparent pricing and no hidden fees, so you can be confident in the cost of your mailings. Whether you need to send a single letter or a bulk mailing, our pricing is clear and straightforward, and you will only be charged for the services you use.


Upload a PDF or Word File

Our online portal makes it easy to upload letters or use the letter builder.

Set Postage Class

Split letters, Set postage options, Add Letterheads and additional pages.

We Print Your Letters

We print your letters, letting you focus time and energy on other tasks.

We Fold Your Letters

We automatically fold your letters so they look their best when they’re delivered.

We Insert into Envelopes

Our machines ensure each letter is properly sealed before it’s sent out.

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We Post via Royal Mail

We use the Royal Mail to ensure quick delivery for every letter

Key Features of Intelliprint’s Hybrid Mail Software


Multiple Submission Options

Sending letters online with Intelliprint is effortless with multiple options to choose from, your sure to find a solution that works. Whether you prefer our simple drag-and-drop interface from any browser, our Print Driver for a seamless submission experience with just a click of File > Print, or our sync app to automate the entire process, we’ve got you covered. Plus, you can integrate directly through our API.

Bulk Mailing

Effortlessly send single letters or in bulk

Our page splitting options allow you to upload a single file containing multiple letters and split them into individual letters with ease. Save time and avoid the hassle of uploading and submitting each letter separately. You can split by a set number of pages or use our intelligent splitting options. Simply state a word or phrase that appears on the first page of each letter, such as “Dear”, and our system will do the rest.


Easily add and organise additional documents

Intelliprint offers a seamless solution to add multiple supporting documents to each letter you send. With our feature to re-order documents as per your preference, you can arrange them in a way that makes the most sense. This helps you save valuable time and enhances the overall efficiency of the process.


Add your Custom Letterheads

With Intelliprint, you can easily add custom letterheads to your letters. Our platform offers the option to include a separate letterhead for the first page and each continuation page. This helps you maintain a consistent and professional look for all your letters, enhancing your brand image and credibility.


Effortlessly Manage Postage Options and Schedule Postings

Intelliprint makes it easy for you to manage postage options and schedule your postings with just a few clicks. You can choose from a range of postage options such as 1st class, 2nd class, 1st & 2nd Class Signed for, International and Special Delivery, ensuring that your letters reach their destination in a timely and secure manner. Moreover, our platform allows you to schedule postings for a future date, so you can plan ahead and streamline your mailing process.

FREE Return-management

Streamlined Return Management with Complimentary Return-to-Sender Tracking

With Intelliprint’s hybrid mail service, managing returns becomes a breeze. Our complimentary return-to-sender tracking ensures that every returned item is recorded in our system, regardless of the reason for its return. You’ll be promptly notified about each returned item, complete with specific reasons when available. This streamlined process ensures your records remain current and accurate.

Rest assured, all returned items are securely disposed of without being opened.


Collaborate and Streamline Your Mailing Process with Unlimited Users and Teams

Intelliprint allows you to streamline your mailing process by empowering your team with a simple yet powerful tool. With our platform, you can add unlimited users and teams, giving everyone the ability to send physical mail from any device. This helps to increase efficiency and collaboration, making it easier for your team to work together towards a common goal.


Gain Valuable Insights with Mailroom Reporting

 Intelliprint offers a powerful reporting dashboard that provides you with accurate and actionable insights into your mailroom operations. With our reporting tool, you can easily track and analyse important metrics such as volume, mail date, postage type and costs, helping you optimise your processes and save valuable time and resources.

Secure Data Handling

Rest assured your data is safeguarded with the highest standards of protection and privacy, ensuring your business correspondence remains confidential.

Reporting and Insights

Gain valuable insights into your mailing campaigns with Intelliprint’s integrated dashboard. Make informed, data-driven decisions with ease.

Upload PDF or Word Documents

Intelliprint accepts PDF and Word documents, making it easy to submit your letters and documents.

Multiple Document Support

Include additional documents easily.

User-Friendly Interface

Intelliprint’s platform is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless experience, whether you’re a tech novice or an expert, making online mailing effortless.

Flexible Postage Options

Cater to all your postal needs with Intelliprint. From first class to international delivery, choose the postage that best fits your requirements.

Undelivered Mail Reports

Quickly identify letters that were returned to sender and take necessary actions to update addresses or remove invalid contacts from your mailing list.

Send letters via our Print Driver

Post letters seamlessly with just a few clicks using Intelliprint’s Print Driver.

Efficient Bulk Mailing

Intelliprint’s innovative system streamlines bulk communications, enabling businesses to dispatch mass correspondences with minimal fuss.

Team Collaboration

Foster teamwork with Intelliprint’s collaborative features. Establish teams and manage mailing campaigns collectively for maximised efficiency.

Workflow Automation

Intelliprint seamlessly integrates with various systems via its API, automating workflows and enhancing operational efficiency.

No Hidden Fees

What you see is what you pay, guaranteeing a straightforward and honest pricing experience

Custom Branding

Elevate your professional image with Intelliprint’s bespoke branding capabilities. Add custom letterheads and unique branding elements effortlessly into your mail.

Tracking and Monitoring

Stay informed of your mail’s journey. With Intelliprint’s partnership with Royal Mail’s Click and Drop service, experience complete tracking peace of mind.

Support and Assistance

Encounter an issue or have a query? Intelliprint’s dedicated support team is always at your service, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free hybrid mail experience

Many other features

With Intelliprint, the possibilities are ever-expanding. Explore more, mail better.


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Streamline Your Workflows and Send Letters Online with Intelliprint

Intelliprint seamlessly integrates into workflows of all sizes, making it easy for businesses of any scale to get started.

No fixed term contracts

No Minimum Spend

Only Pay for what you Send

Write a letter online

Send letters on the go with simple online letter builder

Upload a PDF or Word file

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Sending a letter is as easy as opening the file and clicking print.

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