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Sending Possibilities for the Education Sector

Admission applications and registration forms

Examination and assessment results and reports

Policies and procedures related to student conduct and discipline

Policies and procedures related to student complaints and feedback handling

Lesson plans and classroom materials

Reports and documentation related to extracurricular activities and events

Information and guidance related to careers and employment opportunities

Enrolment and attendance records

Curriculum and course descriptions

Policies and procedures related to academic integrity and plagiarism

Policies and procedures related to special needs education and support

Communication and newsletters to parents, students and staff

Financial reports and budgets for schools and educational institutions

Policies and procedures related to school governance and management

Student academic records and transcripts

Course syllabi and learning outcomes

Policies and procedures related to student privacy and data protection

Policies and procedures related to health and safety, including risk assessments

Policies and procedures related to safeguarding and child protection

Information and guidance related to student welfare and support services

Reports and documentation related to school performance and improvement plans

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Cost savings

By using Intelliprint, educational institutions can reduce printing and mailing costs while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Time and resource efficiency

Intelliprint’s platform allows for the streamlined creation and delivery of important documents, saving valuable time and resources for faculty and staff.

Enhanced security and compliance

With Intelliprint, educational institutions can ensure that sensitive information is protected and that compliance requirements are met, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Benifits of using Intelliprint

Intelliprint provides a range of benefits that help companies streamline their printing and mailing processes, while also reducing costs and improving efficiency. Here are some of the key benefits of using Intelliprint.

Automated Printing & Mailing

Streamline your direct mail campaigns with automated printing and mailing, saving time and resources.

On-Demand Printing & Mailing

Print and mail documents only when you need them, reducing waste and storage costs.

Smart Tracking & Analytics

Track and analyse the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns with real-time tracking and analytics.

Unlimited Users

Intelliprint offers unlimited user accounts, allowing your entire team to easily access and use the platform.

Easy Integration

Integrate with Intelliprint easily, with just a few clicks, using our simple and straightforward API.


Personalise your direct mail campaigns to increase engagement and response rates.

Multiple Delivery Options

Choose from multiple delivery options, including first class, standard, and international mail.

Industry Best SLA

Intelliprint offers the best service level agreements in the industry, ensuring your mail is delivered on time, every time.

API Access

Access Intelliprint’s powerful features via API, giving you full control and customisation over your direct mail campaigns.

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