Send letters in the post from anywhere

Intelliprint is the ideal solution to working remotely. From just 47p (+VAT) including the paper, printing, envelope and postage it’s a cost effective and efficient way of sending your mail. With no printer costs, click charges franking machines or mailroom staff required, the savings can add up pretty quickly.

Upload your Documents

Simply upload your documents to us using our online portal or via our print driver. Tell us what postage class you’d like to use then hit submit. Your items will be posted out that very same day.

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Automatic Address Extraction

With Intelliprint, you don’t need to you don’t need to upload a list of addresses or map fields. We automatically extract the addresses. Meaning you can upload a single document. split it into seperate letters and hit submit. You can literally send thousands of letters in a matter of seconds.

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Split by Word or Phrase

Upload a single document, containing thousands of seperate letters and split them in seconds, regardless of how long each letter is

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Add additional pages

Upload one or multiple inserts to be appended to every letter. Change the order in a simple drag and drop interface and check everything out in the preview area.

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Add Backgrounds

Add backgrounds to your documents. With seperate backgrounds for 1st page and continuation pages. Use a background all the time? Simply set it as your default option.

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Set postage options

Choose how you want to send your letters. Choose from 1st class, 2nd class, Signed for, Special Delivery & International. You can also choose your envelope size and select a post date.

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Add & Manage Teams

With intelliprint we give you options to manage staff and team accounts all with custom permissions

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Plus many other exciting features

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