Hybrid mail by Intelliprint
The future of efficient mail delivery

Send thousands of letters in seconds
Connect from any device, anywhere
Letters posted each month

Securely send physical letters from any device. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can easily create and send letters with just a few clicks. 

How it works

How we process and send your mail.

Intelliprint integrates into your workflows, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. We make it easy to get started.

    • Upload a PDF or Word File
      We accept .pdf, .doc & .docx files. We also have an online letter builder where you can write a letter online
    • Automatic Address Extraction
      No need to upload the addresses, we automatically read this data as the file is uploaded.
    • Prepare your letters
      Split documents into individual letters, add inserts to be printed with each letter, set custom postage dates for future delivery scheduling, set postage class etc..
    • View all changes live
      All your changes will be instantly available in the document preview window, allowing you to make adjustments as you go.
    • Automatic Error Checking
      We automatically check each letter for errors like address position, missing addresses and post codes etc. and offer to remove any problematic letters from the print
    • Submit your letters
      When you're happy, Submit your letters for print. Just hit submit and confirm the number of letters you're sending.
  • Waiting to print
    Once submitted, your letters will be waiting to print, At this time, you can still cancel your document if you spot any last minute issues.
  • Printing
    3pm is the final print run of the day, this makes sure we have time to print and prepare your letters for same day collection. Print runs can be taken at multiple points throughout the day depending on volume.
  • Enclosing
    We take your letters and insert them into envelopes using an automatic enclosing machine
  • Waiting for Collection
    We securely store your letters whilst waiting for collection.
  • Collected by Royal Mail
    Royal Mail will deliver your letters based on your chosen postage class.
  • Update Tracking Info
    We'll collect your postage tracking number allowing you to view tracking progress. (Only when using a signed for service)
  • Aftercare
    Should your letter be returned to us, we will notify you, letting you know the reason it was returned. We then securely destroy the letter.