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How much does Intelliprint cost?

Intelliprint provides a comprehensive hybrid mail solution that streamlines the process of sending letters and postcards online. With a focus on flexibility and user convenience, Intelliprint offers a range of submission methods and features for both letters and postcards:

  1. Letters: Intelliprint simplifies the process of sending individual or bulk letters. Users can upload their documents in various formats and select from multiple postage options. The platform ensures ease of use with features like drag-and-drop uploads, print driver support, and sync app integration.

  2. Postcards: The service also extends to the creation and dispatch of postcards. Users can design or upload their custom postcards, with a range of options for customization and quality assurance. Postcards are printed on high-quality stock and can be tailored to fit various mailing needs.

Intelliprint’s pricing structure is designed to cater to a wide range of requirements, with no fixed term contract and no minimum spend. For detailed information on pricing for both letters and postcards, you can visit the Intelliprint pricing page. This page will provide up-to-date and comprehensive pricing details, enabling you to make an informed decision based on your specific mailing needs.

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