Franking vs. Intelliprint: Why Intelliprint Is the Better Alternative


In the world of sending physical mail, traditional postage systems like franking machines have long been the norm. However, with the rise of digital solutions, a more efficient and cost-effective alternative has emerged: Intelliprint. In this article, we will explore the advantages of Intelliprint over franking machines and why it is the better choice for modern mail management in the UK.

Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility:

No fixed term contract and minimum spend:

Intelliprint offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-go without being tied to any long-term commitments. Unlike traditional franking machines that require lengthy contracts, Intelliprint allows you to use its services as and when you need them. Whether you send one letter a month or thousands per day, Intelliprint is available without any fixed term contract.

Transparent pricing:

One of the major benefits of Intelliprint is its clear and straightforward pricing structure. With Intelliprint, you only pay for what you send. There are no complex or hidden fees, ensuring that you have full visibility and control over the cost of your mailings. This stands in contrast to franking machines, which often come with additional charges that can be confusing and unpredictable.

Convenience and Efficiency:

Streamlined submission options:

Intelliprint provides a range of user-friendly submission options to streamline your mail management. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for easy and seamless document submission. Alternatively, you can use the Print Driver for a quick and effortless submission experience with just a click of File > Print. Additionally, the sync app automates the entire process, further enhancing convenience. In contrast, franking machines require manual processes such as loading envelopes, which can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

Bulk mailings and automation:

Intelliprint excels in handling bulk mailings efficiently. Its intelligent splitting options and predefined criteria enable you to upload a single file containing multiple letters and seamlessly split them into individual letters. This saves you valuable time and eliminates the need for manual processing and separation. In contrast, franking machines often require laborious manual sorting and processing for bulk mailings.

Additional document management:

With Intelliprint, you can easily add and organize additional documents to be printed and mailed with each letter. This feature eliminates the need for manual collation and attachment of supporting documents, saving you time and effort. In contrast, franked mail often requires manual handling of additional documents, increasing the likelihood of errors and inefficiencies.

Enhanced Features and Integration:

Custom branding and letterheads:

Intelliprint allows you to include custom letterheads in your mailings, enhancing your brand image and professionalism. You can have separate letterheads for the first page and continuation pages, ensuring consistency across your correspondence. In contrast, franking machines lack the flexibility to customize letterheads, limiting your branding opportunities.

Postage options and scheduling:

Intelliprint offers a wide range of postage options, including first class, second class, international delivery, and special delivery. You have the flexibility to choose the most suitable option for your specific needs. Moreover, Intelliprint enables you to schedule postings for future dates, giving you greater control over the delivery process and helping you plan ahead. This level of convenience and organization is not easily achievable with franking machines.

Reporting and analytics:

Intelliprint provides a powerful reporting dashboard that offers valuable insights into your mailroom operations. With accurate and actionable data, you can track important metrics such as volume, mail date, postage type, and costs. This allows you to optimize your processes, identify trends, and make informed decisions. In contrast, franking systems have limited tracking and reporting capabilities, limiting your ability to analyse and improve your mailing operations.


When comparing the traditional franking machines to the modern alternative of Intelliprint, it becomes evident that Intelliprint offers significant advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, convenience, efficiency, and enhanced features. Its flexibility, transparent pricing, streamlined submission options, automation for bulk mailings, document management capabilities, custom branding, postage options, scheduling, and robust reporting make it the superior choice for streamlining your business correspondence. Embrace the future of mail management by signing up for Intelliprint and experience the transformative benefits firsthand.

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