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Setting a Future Delivery Date for Letters

Choosing a Delivery Date

When you use our services to send letters through the post, you have the option to choose a future delivery date. This means that you can upload your letters today and have them delivered on a specific future date.

When to Choose a Future Delivery Date

Choosing a future delivery date can be useful for a number of reasons. For example, if you have a significant event or deadline coming up and want to make sure your letters arrive in good time, you can set a future delivery date. Alternatively, if you’re sending out a large number of letters and want to spread the workload, you can set a future delivery date to coincide with when you want the letters to be delivered.

How to Choose a Future Delivery Date

To choose a future delivery date, simply select the desired date on the print preview page. It’s important to note that we only allow users to set a future date, not a specific date and time. This means that once the future delivery date has been set, your letters can be sent to print at any time with the final print run taking place at 3pm.

Important Information

Please note that selecting a future delivery date is not a guarantee that your letters will be delivered on that exact date. Our delivery services are non-compensated and as such, delivery times may vary. However, we will always aim to provide you with the cheapest possible postage options to help ensure your letters are delivered as quickly as possible.

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