Submitting Letters for Print

Intelliprint is a user-friendly platform for printing and sending letters, offering a variety of options for postage, envelope/pack type, and print type. With Intelliprint, you can easily manage your mailings and have peace of mind knowing that your letters will be printed and sent accurately and efficiently.

Postage Options

Intelliprint offers several delivery services, including First Class, First Class – Signed for, Second Class, Second Class – Signed for, Special Delivery, and International. The cut-off times and delivery estimates for each service can be found in the table in the previous section. Additionally, Intelliprint provides the cheapest possible options for postage by default, but these settings can be changed at any point from the print preview page.

Envelope/Pack Type

Intelliprint offers multiple envelope choices for letters and boxes for larger documents. The pack type options include C5 Envelope, C4 Envelope, C4+ Padded Envelope, and A4 Boxes. Intelliprint is unique in that it allows different envelope types in the same submission, making it easier to manage your mailings. If a letter exceeds the maximum number of pages for a C5 envelope, for example, it will automatically be upgraded to a C4 envelope.

Submitting Your Letters

When you’re ready to submit your letters, simply press the Submit button located in the top right of the print preview screen. You will then be presented with a summary of the job, including the total number of pages, letters, and price (including and excluding VAT). This summary will also show the selected print type, postage class, and postage date.


After submitting your letters, take a moment to review the summary to ensure that everything is correct. If there are any changes you would like to make, you can easily do so before clicking the Send Letter button.


When you’re ready, click the Send Letter button at the bottom of the review popup to add your letters to the print queue. Your letters will then be printed and sent according to the options you selected, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your mailings are being handled with care.
In conclusion, Intelliprint makes it easy to manage your mailings and send letters with a variety of options for postage, envelope/pack type, and print type. So why wait? Start submitting your letters for print today and experience the benefits of Intelliprint for yourself!

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