Uploading Files to Intelliprint


Accepted File Types

Intelliprint only supports two file types for upload: PDF and Microsoft Word (DOC & DOCX). This is to ensure that the document you upload will maintain its format and appearance, and will not be compromised during the printing and sending process. If you have a document in a different file format, you can easily convert it to either PDF or Microsoft Word using a free online file converter or using the native software on your device.

Uploading Files

To upload a file to Intelliprint, navigate to https://dashboard.intelliprint.net. Use the uploader on the dashboard to select your file. After uploading, you will be taken to the print preview page where you can set postage options and view the details of your print job.

Pre-Mail Merged Documents

If you have a pre-mail merged document, you can upload it as a single file. On the print preview page, you can split the document into separate letters for individual printing and mailing. This makes it easy to manage multiple letters from a single upload, and ensures that each letter has the correct postage options and customizations.


Uploading files to Intelliprint is a simple and straightforward process. By limiting our supported file types to PDF and Microsoft Word (DOC & DOCX), we ensure the integrity of your documents and a seamless sending process. Whether you’re uploading a single file or a pre-mail merged document, the print preview page provides all the tools you need to customize your print job and get your letters sent.

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